Leadership Adams
Growing People to Grow our County


Candidates Should...

  • Have a sincere commitment, motivation, and interest in service to the community
  • Have shown commitment in past community activities
  • Have shown an interest in or intend to seek public office, representation on boards, commissions, or key volunteer leadership roles
  • Have the potential to assume top leadership positions within their own organization and who, in turn, may play a significant role in the community
  • Live and/or work in Adams County
  • Be willing to make a committment to set aside one day per month for class and additional time for project assignments  
Program Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the Leadership Adams Institute participants will have the ability to:

*Demonstrate knowledge of leadership in the context of our local community

*Transform differences into learning oppurtunities that positively influence change

*Relate leadership skills to
issues relevant to the participants work environment and local community

*Define leadership skills needed for effective leadership

*Identify personal characteristics and philosophy for effective leadership
*Distinguish between leadership and management functions

*Demonstrate knowledge of leadership in the context of their local community

*Communicate a vision to others
Leadership Topic
  • Team Development
  • Self Assessment of Skills
  • Leadership Models
  • Personal Accountability and Responsibility
  • Leader/Follower Relationship
  • Active Communication
  • Service Leadership: Mind and Heart
  • Leadership Skills for Conflict Management
  • Leading Vision and Strategic Direction
  • Project Development
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