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Basic Selection Criteria for Leadership Adams Institute

An important factor in selection is identifying those individuals most apt to utilize their leadership for the long-term benefit of the community.

Basic criteria for achieving this selection are:
    1.  Individuals with a sincere commitment, motivation, and interest in service to the community
    2.  Individuals who have demonstrated commitment by past community activities
    3.  Individuals interested in or intending to seek public office, representation on boards, commissions,
            or key volunteer leadership roles.
    4.  Individuals with potential to assume top leadership positions within their own organization and who, in
            turn, may play a significant role in the community
    5.  Individuals with the commitment to remain in Adams County for the foreseeable future
    6.  A cross section of participants from business, government, community services, geographic location, etc
    7.  Individuals who live and/or work in Adams County
    8.  Individuals who will make a commitment to set aside one day per month for class and additional time 
            for project related assignments.

Apply Online

Please only apply if you received a letter invitation.  If you did not receive an invitation and you are interested in participating in Leadership Adams, please send an email to drichey@fsb4me.com.

Name: *
Street Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip: *
Primary Phone: *
Email Address: *
Male/Female: *
Current Employer:
Employer Address:
Current Position:
Begin Date:
Current Supervisor:
Past Employer:
Position Held:
Other Past Employer:
Position Held:
High School Attended: *
Graduation Year: *
Career/Post-Secondary Education School or College:
Other Career/Post-Secondary Education School or College:
Extracurricular or Leadership Activities: List any activities that you are currently participating in or have participated in during the past five years. Also, list any special awards or honors received for these activities or related to your education and employment: *
In your perception, identify two or three challenges you see facing Adams County currently or in the near future: *
Leadership Adams represents endless opportunities for individuals who complete the program. Please share your expectations of Leadership Adams and discuss what you hope to gain from participating in the program: *
Recommendation: Individuals wishing to apply to Leadership Adams must have a recommendation form completed by an employer or an individual wishing to evaluate that person in a similar capacity. Who will be completing your recommendation?: *
In submitting this application I hereby authorize the selection committee of Leadership Adams to verify any information contained herein.  Further, I understand my responsibility in committing to monthly class meeting periods and making arrangements for this commitment with my employer.

All applications are subject to confidential evaluations.  If you are not selected to participate in the current class, this does not preclude you from being considered for future classes.

Recommendation Form

Individuals applying for the Leadership Adams Institute are required to have a recommendation form completed by either an employer or an individual willing to evaluate that person in a similar capacity.  Acceptance into the institute is not based solely on responses to this evaluation but rather the complete application.  Thank you for taking the time to provide your recommendation.

Applicants Name: *
Recommendation From: *
Relationship to Applicant: *
 Ability to Get Along With Others: *
Ability to Work in Teams: *
Written Communication Skills: *
Oral Communication Skills: *
Willingness to Accept Authority: *
Willingness to Delegate Authority: *
Willingness to Accept Responsibility: *
Motivation/Energy Level: *
 Creativity: *
Integrity: *
Initiative: *
Judgment: *
Leadership Potential: *
Ability to Manage Conflicts: *
Ability to Manage Stress: *
If unable to respond for any reason other than not having had experience with the individual relating to the criteria, please explain:
Do you recommend this applicant in the Leadership Adams program?: YesNo
Other Comments:

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